DIY Rope Rustic Bottle

Since I'm pretty obsessed with rustic style those days I've come to the conclusion that I should make some decorations for myself. So I've started with a simple bottle :)

The ingredients:

I've used normal natural rope.


It's better to use a glue that dries quickly. I've used a very cheap glue based on resins, rubber and solvents, kind of harmful. :D


A normal painting brush.


It has to be a glass bottle. Mine was a mineral water bottle.

Sooooo let's get down to business!

Take the bottle, clean it well!

Apply the glue with the brush 3cm high on the bottle and then beggin to roll the rope. First of all you have to hold the end of the rope until it's glued After that you can rolled it.

Repeat the action until you cover all the bottle.

Yes is that simple although preety sticky!
Here is the final result!

I've put it together with another bottle painted in white and some plants that I've collected this autumn: gleanings and rose hips.