Fun for Halloween

I've recently read the real story behind the Halloween Holliday!
It was an Irish story about a man Jack'o Lanter that tricked the devil many times and got hiself a ticket out of hell. The problem is that beeing a bad man it wasn't admitted in Heaven either. So from that time on he wanders on the earth. The devil had pity on him so he gave him a firelight to guide him on earth. Jack put that light in a turnip and made himself a lamp. The irish also made lamps to protect them from the spirits and of course from Jack!

I'm a sucker for everything horror, scary and supernatural. That's probably because I am a non-beliver so I'm not affected of any of those fancy Hollidays, fancy costumes or event fancy experiences.
Of course when you have some supranatural experience on your own, then the input of the problem is changing! I never had such experiences (as long as I recall) altghouh I wanted them badly!

So maybe that's why i find that Halloween can also be fun! I actually read an article ( actually it was a long comment along with a picture on facebook ) about beeing in Usa this Halloween. It was a description of a Holliday where everybody gets drunk and no one is scared and doesn't feel anything anymore. We have to admi, it's pretty hard to be scared when so many joyful people are around you! I think that maybe loneliness can be the most scary thing ! (see Last Man on Earth or even the more recent I am Legend)

But, since I want to keep it fun, I will now share with you the most fun and creepy finds from Etsy related to what I've done lately!

And those are the lucky winners of a bright new turnip lamp (it's virtual of course, or maybe I can make a tutorial for it :D ) to protect them from Jackie!

1. Sweetsoaptreat




I have to admit I am in Love with those little scary sculptures! Anca it's such a talented gal, you can also admire here handmade journals HERE!



And I am happy to present you my bookmarks! I wanted to make them for a long time now, and I've made them a while ago! It all happend when reading Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings I've acidentaly broke off the incorporate bookmark!
Since the books weren't mine I taught I might do something nice and make a handmade bookmark present for that friend of mine (who also recently graduated architecture! Yeyyy!! ) I had the idea for a long time so I finnaly decided (was bound ....:D ) to make it!

Even lonely ripped off hands are cold sometimes...Yes, yes they have a soul!!!!
And also mittens :D

And of course the group photos! (so that every hand can tag herself on FB :D )

Ok, so this Halloween was more fun than scary, but let's admit it life is scary any other time, why can't it be also fun any other time!

Have a great Halloween and enjoy the ride!


My favourite costume getup in this little video :

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