City Girls

I've stumbled upon this interesting contest organized by Avon on facebook. I actually discover it watching the Absolutely Fabulous blog
The two fashion blogger girls are reprezenting the images for "The good behaving girl " and "The Fashionista girl"

It looked like lots of fun so I've wanted to give a try. The contest it's organised in three steps and the most important thing is that the number of votes is counting.
The pictures had to be taken at an event in the city!
I've chosen the Ambasador Leisure Sunday Brunch! So I will actually apply for the "quiet, behaving girl" since it's already my nature :D!

Since I've made this photos I also taught about uploading them on lookbook!
You can hype them here:

Here are more photos!!!

and here are some details!

I hope that you will like it and you will share it!

Have a great day!

Anda :)

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