Of lemurs and men

Ok, so I've started this Monday Moodboard heavily inspired by Ivan's fundraising Cycling For Sifakas who was brought in my attention by Eva from BHBKidstyle who made some custom masks for him!!!!

Please check his page out!!! Like it, share it, love it and support it!

And the moodboard:


Here an image of the silky sifaka:

[Note: Image from LV the Silky Sifaka Facebook group]

And since i had some mice in my "head" I've automatically tought about "Of mice and men" (It's just a word, auditory reference) and I've read tiny bits (what I've could understand) from this poem written by Robert Burns in 1785. Those lines catched my attention : "I'm truly sorry man's dominion
Has broken Nature's social union".
And that's why there are mouses in the moodboard too :P

Have a great week all!

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