Raffle Giveaway on Star's Blog!


A long time passed without a post in my blog! The truth it's I've been really really busy with my new job and with the projects aside!

But, this time I really really wanted to make this blogpost since it's about a person i virtually know but I feel i know her well I definitely had to find some time!

The story is about Sandra, a fellow member of a great team : Estspirit, a handmade group team located in Europe from Etsy.
You can read her story here on Star blog: http://star-of-the-east.blogspot.ro/2013/01/raffle-day-8.html

Long story short please read Star Blog posts were this is all about, in short we are trying to collect money for Sandra who lost her husband just before Christmas. She has a little boy and now depends only on her income from her Etsy shop. She had a tough year with lots of extra expenses and less income so every dollar helps her and her son's future. (credits going to Esther and Estella)

So I am trying to help as much as I can, I've already bought raffle tickets and of course I hope I will win something!!! There are more than 50 handmade original prizes
, some of them to be revealed each day while this event is on!

Please hurry and buy some tickets!!!! There are only a few days left! The ticket is only 5 $!!!

Here is a ring that I totally love and that I hope to win :D

Handmade by Mirma

I've also donated some items for this raffle giveaway!

Here is one of them from Selenemini!

This little owl is participating to the giveaway :)

And here's my favourite item from Sandra's shop, this pair of earrings

I've also donated something from aplusdesignnn

Here are the pics. Please also check the other blogpost I made about this item that I've donated!

Don't forget to buy tickets and you can win more than 50 amazing handmade items on Star's blog!!!!!!